Why CSHOP token has lower rates

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3 min readFeb 22, 2022


When buying online, the costs involved in each transaction count a lot. Most traditional marketplaces have some occult fees that make goods and services more expensive than they should be. But that doesn’t happen on CoinShopp!

We think that both buyers and retailers should pay less when shopping — that’s why we’re on crypto; otherwise, giving away awesome discounts would be impossible.

But… Why does CSHOP have lower rates than most e-commerces out there?

What is CSHOP?

CSHOP is the official CoinShopp’s token. With it, you can buy anything you like inside our e-commerce platform, but there’s more: you can make businesses worldwide even outside our marketplace by using your tokens as you please.

If you’re an investor, you could get some CSHOP for the long-term and see the best the blockchain has to offer for users.

Why does it have low fees?

CSHOP is built under BEP-20, a decentralized network of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Unlike Ethereum in its current state (ETH 2.0 could change everything) has incredibly high transaction fees (gas fees) that make smaller transactions inviable.

But BEP-20 is much faster than ETH, with much lower gas fees to process transactions. Therefore, CSHOP is the best option for any kind of business on the internet: for a penny, you can transfer any amount of money to anyone to make the best deals.


Thanks to the technology behind our ecosystem, we’re able to offer a 15% discount on all purchases inside the platform. That’s basically what you’d pay as commission on other traditional marketplaces — but we’re not looking for it, though.

We prefer that everyone has the freedom to close deals as they please, without punishing both retailers and consumers alike.

The bottom line

As you can see, the question is simple: CSHOP has low fees because it uses the best tech around to provide fast, almost costless transactions for everyone.

Because of it, we’re able to work with great discounts so you can buy everything you need without having to pay more for it.

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