NFTs in games: everything you need to know about

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3 min readFeb 22, 2022


The gaming industry is changing fast — and NFTs are here to change the way players customize their experience!

It’s inevitable, even if some users are still resistant to it. Big brands like Ubisoft are entering the non-fungible token world and they’re not giving up.

NFTs are digital assets held inside a blockchain that can grant ownership anywhere it goes. In short, if you have an NFT, it means that the data stored in it is yours only.

They can be somewhat complex for newbies, but the gaming industry is looking into that matter: things should be incredibly easy and intuitive for anyone.

Here are some points where NFTs could do wonders for gamers:

More control

Players are used to buying skins, season passes, and other in-game stuff inside their favorite games. However, if they’re converted into NFTs, users would be able to buy and sell them freely.

There’s more: gamers could even make a profit from it! They can produce and sell customizable content and gain a percentage over it.


Games inside the metaverse could (and most probably will) get full advantage of non-fungible tokens to connect its parts with everything around it.

For now, metaverse games are in early development; that said, don’t blame the developers for limited functionalities! Revolutionizing the market takes some time to be fully released, after all.


Axie Infinity began with this trend — and dozens of other similar projects appeared quickly on the internet. Some users are even living of this — if you’re willing to risk a considerable amount of money for it, of course.

According to Aleksander Leonard Larsen, Axie Infinity’s co-founder, 50% of its players never used crypto before: you can see that NFT games could even help new users to get used to decentralized economy!

Play hard!

Things changed fast in crypto and gaming during the last year. Non-fungible tokens show great promise to create value and add freedom to their users so they can do whatever they want with the content they bought or created.

But the industry is still giving its first steps towards it: users could take advantage of it and invest.

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