Minecraft pre-release 1: What are the updates

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3 min readFeb 24, 2022


Yes, you heard it right — Minecraft, one of the most successful games in the world, is to release its pre-release 1. Interesting features were added to make the game even more customizable and fun!

According to its official website, the pre-release will allow players to customize cave generation and add new custom structures in the world. The update is expected on 28 February.


Technical changes

Soon, Minecraft will lose its 32-bit environment support

The data pack version is now 9

It is now possible to add custom structures in experimental datapacks

locate and locatebiome commands now support tags (prefix with # to distinguish from normal ids)

The locate command parameter is now a configured structure rather than a structure type. For instance, you can now use /locate village_desert or /locate shipwreck_beached

A lot of the cave generation is now configurable through data packs

Cave generation

A new registry was added for Density functions (caves are created by combining those together)

Noise settings got a new field noise_router (and lost a couple of flags), see worldgen/noise_settings folder in the worldgen report

Noise router wires data-driven parts of the cave generation with the rest of the code

Customizable structures

Experimental datapacks can add new structure sets

The feature field in location predicates now references a configured feature

The exploration_map loot table function destination field is now a configured feature tag id

The exploration_map loot table function no longer automatically sets the display name of the map

Known bugs

MC-3524 — Structure related mobs do not spawn in flat type world generation

MC-146854 — Player movement favors x axis when in a corner

MC-179315 — Ruined portals never generate in superflat worlds by default

MC-210612 — Strongholds do not generate in certain customized worlds despite /locate saying otherwise

MC-241288 — Support for custom structures has been removed

MC-244137 — The option “level-seed” is not present in server.properties by default

MC-248532 — Elytra firework particle spawns on the wrong hand when dual wielding fireworks

How to install it

Pre-releases aren’t the final version of an update; therefore, you can face some performance issues and bugs. Use it at your own will!

Open the Minecraft Launcher, then enable snapshots in the “installations” tab.

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