Metaverse in 2022: What we Should Expect

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3 min readJan 30, 2022


If things continue evolving like that, both buying and selling online are going to face deep changes in the short term.

Metaverse is a proposal of making the internet even more immersive and customizable than ever. By creating digital cities and offering products and services of all kinds, users will be able to have a whole new consumer experience.

But what does the future hold for the metaverse?

Online jobs

Some big brands are already launching their marketplaces inside metaverse — and that calls for new job opportunities.

This is not something theoretical at all — it has become reality. People will be able to work 100% online in online environments and talk directly to consumers as if they were in the physical world.

Users looking for online work will certainly see new job opportunities for metaverses throughout this year.

A new way of gaming

Monetization and online gaming surely are something controversial these days — there’s no denial about that. Nevertheless, both big and small companies are already giving their first steps towards it — and they’re not holding back.

Axie Infinity is the first game in the world to monetize NFTs inside its environment and many other projects were giving life before it by using similar financial mechanics.

Gaming studios are already working in AAA games that will make use of in-game cryptocurrencies. Their success will depend on how these mechanics will be implemented — and there are a lot of skeptical users to be convinced yet.

Network infrastructure

Making these digital environments safe and efficient will require a lot of computational power, indeed; thus, it’s obvious that the investments in network infrastructure will be massive.

According to Intel, the metaverse will need 1000x more computational power to endure the test of time — that’s a lot of hash rate!

There will be a lot of concurrent users inside those digital worlds, and that requires an incredible infrastructure to hold the punch. Since our future is digital, this is no bold statement.


Because of the pandemic, home-based jobs are becoming more common than ever. Metaverse is likely to make things even more integrated.

Owners will be able to hire people from all around the world and make businesses overseas by ignoring unnecessary bureaucracies — including exchanging fiat currency to crypto to make things even easier, just like CoinShopp is doing right now.

Metaverse means that the internet will become faster and more customizable than before in every single way — making business, gaming, etc. This is extremely important to bring us closer to Web3.

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